Monthly Archives: July 2014

How the Window Film Installation Process Works

After meeting with one of our window tinting experts to determine the scope of your window film needs, we will schedule your installation with one of our skilled technicians. For each and every window film installation job, a professional Brower Tinting & Graphics installer will come to your home to complete the job. Although some…
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Benefits of Installing Window Film on All Windows

The benefits of window film offer more than just protection against solar heat, glare and ultraviolet rays – the tinting also provides an extra layer against sound and even improves the glass’ resistance to breakage. Some believe that they only need to apply window film on the windows in their home that receive direct sunlight,…
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Window Film: Transforming Single-Paned Glass into Double-Paned

Window replacement is a pricey expense, particularly if you are replacing all of the windows in your home. But full window replacement might not be necessary; you may benefit from having window film installed instead. In fact, window film can transform the reflective power of your windows, so that single-paned windows have the nearly the…
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