Monthly Archives: July 2015

Glass Restoration at Brower

Graffiti is an unfortunate problem many businesses are forced to grapple with, especially those located downtown or in high-traffic areas. Brower Tinting & Graphics not only offers preventative anti-graffiti film services, but we can also help you repair existing damage through glass restoration. Replacing a pane of glass is usually the most expensive course of…
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Window Film for Reactive Dogs

One application for window film that few people consider is using it as a tool to calm reactive dogs. Many owners have dogs that bark at people, cars, or animals that pass by the window, often jumping, howling, or clawing at the site of moving outdoor objects. Our opaque window film is a perfect solution…
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Check Out Our Tint Simulator!

If you’re interested in getting window film installed in your home, but you’re wondering what effect the film will have on the brightness of the room, check out our tint simulator! You can browse the effects of our Prestige Series, Ceramic Series, Night Vision, and Safety & Security films. All our films protect against 99.9…
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