Monthly Archives: December 2015

Why Utility Companies Love Window Film

As climate troubles persist and much of the nation's western states continue to recover from last summer’s devastating drought, utility companies and state and local governments are investigating methods of better utilizing generated energy and preventing needless energy loss in both residential and commercial buildings. According to the International Window Film Association, utilities and government…
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Winter Gardening Tip: Get Window Film for Your Greenhouse!

Now that the temperature’s dropped, most gardeners have hung up their trowels for the season. Unless you have a greenhouse, that is! Greenhouse gardeners are able to keep a year-round growing season thanks to their carefully insulated and temperature-controlled environments. In today’s world, many greenhouses are made from materials other than glass, like polyvinyl chloride…
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Why Replacing Your Windows This Winter Isn’t Enough

With cold weather already setting in, many homeowners are finding out the hard way that their windows are inadequate in the fight to keep cold air out and warm air inside where it belongs. However, going out and replacing your old windows won't necessarily correct your problem in full. Truthfully, even the highest-efficiency window panes…
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