Monthly Archives: January 2016

Dress Up Your Indoor or Outdoor Glass with Custom Graphics!

Seattle businesses are constantly looking for ways to impress clients, attract customers, or appeal to potential employees. A beautiful office environment is one of the best ways to accomplish all three, but how can you make an impression and set your building apart without undergoing an expensive remodel? Try custom graphics from Brower Tinting and…
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How Window Film Can Protect Your Eyesight

Many people don't consider the dangers of UV radiation in their homes or offices, but despite the assumption that your eyes are protected indoors, UV radiation can have a devastating impact on your eyesight whether you're outside or not. How Does Exposure to UV Light Affect Eyesight? Cataracts - UV light increases your risk of…
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5 Workplace Benefits of Installing Window Film

We've talked at length about the benefits of window film for Seattle homeowners and businesses alike, but setting aside the obvious advantages for a moment, there are actually a few little-known benefits of installing professional window film in your office that could help ring in the New Year for your workforce. If you're looking for…
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