4 Creative Ways to Beautify Your Home or Office’s Interior

In most cases, your first impression of a new home or office is a bland one. Beige carpeting, white paint, and blank walls abound, but with a few creative tweaks to your interior design, you can avoid decorating to these neutral colors and improve the ambiance of your home or office without extensive remodeling or upgrades.

Tweak the Lighting

A little ingenuity with the lights goes a long way. If you can afford it, an interior lighting designer is a tremendous way to improve your interior space at home or in the office. For the rest of us, experiment with soft-wattage bulbs as accents along the perimeter of your area. Use restraint when considering colors – you’re better off with shades of white unless you’re trying to up your brand identity.

Go Green Indoors and Out

Bringing natural elements indoors is nothing new, but you may be surprised at how much difference they make to the atmosphere (and air quality) indoors. And while you’re trying to decide between artificial and natural greenery, keep in mind that natural plants can boost productivity, mood, and health.

Decorate Your Glass

If your space has a lot of natural light (or too much by your standards), adding a layer of decorative or solar window film can bring down the glare and brightness factor common in larger, airier rooms. They won’t replace drapes or blinds (which you should definitely implement to some degree), but window film can cut harmful UV rays and guard against skin cancer and melanoma. And some get very creative with their designs, incorporating partial or opaque styles to improve privacy between offices, conference rooms, bathrooms, and hallways.

Seek Out Vintage Furniture

The aura of a room doesn’t just come from paint selection and lighting choices – the fixtures and furnishings within have a tremendous influence, too. Rather than opting for brand-new furniture for your home or office space, consider putting a bit of leg work toward sourcing second-hand or vintage furniture that speaks to your style and sensibilities. You can also get your vintage furniture re-upholstered to preserve the story of your furniture. If you happen to be located in our native Seattle, you owe it to yourself to visit Fremont Vintage Mall the next time you find yourself in a decorative mood.

Good luck and feel free to drop us a line for all your window film and tinting needs!

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