3M Made That: 6 Places You’ll Find The Technology We Use and Trust

At Brower Tinting & Graphics, we believe in using the highest quality materials to bring you the best solutions. Our various tinting and graphics start with reliable 3M materials. Your windows aren’t the only place you’ll find this top of the line technology. If you’re not sure about these materials for window tinting, consider some other places 3M materials are used to deliver top notch results.


In the doctor’s office (and polluted cities)

Doctors, nurses, surgeons, and many other people you’ll see in doctors offices depend on Nexcare Earloop masks manufactured by 3M to prohibit the exchange of germs. From keeping allergies at bay to protecting doctors and patients alike during flu season, people rely on these masks to stay healthy. They filter up to 99 percent of the wearer’s exhaled bacteria and also keep toxins out for the wearer. Additionally, from Shanghai to Mumbai, many people in developing cities wear these masks to evade pollution. In Jakarta, Indonesia, motorcycle taxi drivers will offer this type of mask to all of their passengers. This protects them from the fumes and pollution in the world’s most traffic ridden city.

At construction sites and shooting ranges

3M also manufactures a number of hearing protection products such as headphones and other sound mufflers. Craftsmen who work with drills and saws all day often shield their ears to preserve their hearing and protect them from the loud sounds they work around all day. Policemen and hunters also often opt for this technology to muffle sounds at the shooting range. For professionals and recreational users alike, these ear shields are of the highest quality to protect your ears and hearing.  

In your toothpaste

You may be familiar with 3M’s tape and other home products. But you might not have know they make a line of highly recommended prescription strength Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste. This toothpaste is prescribed for people who have weak, lesioned or damaged teeth. That’s because it strengthens teeth to maintain oral health and reduce cavities. It remineralizes lesions in your entire tooth, not just on the outer surface.

In your windows

From window tinting, to climate control, to branding and graphics, 3M manufactures high quality products for residential and commercial windows. These solutions are trusted to limit sun exposure, improve climate control, reduce electricity use, and showcase your company’s brand in style. They also insure home and office security for a number of residences and offices alike.

In the science lab

You may not have been in a science lab since high school biology, but we rely on lab testing for everything from cancer research to food safety. From allergen testing to hygiene monitoring, 3M makes a wide variety of products to insure public health and safety. Many industries rely on these products to insure high quality materials are in your food and beverages, and harmful compounds aren’t.

In your sticky notes

It’s in the name-sticky notes are made to stick. Even in an evermore digital world, Post-It notes simultaneously make sure things get done and add a fun splash of color to offices everywhere. Post-It Notes are perhaps one of 3M’s most well known products. For decades, they’ve been sticking to your desk and making your hectic world a little more organized.
3M is a trusted brand. From surgeons, to dentists, to constructions workers and law enforcement officers, professionals across various industries trust 3M products to deliver. If they keep germs away from sick patients and make weak teeth strong again, they can definitely be trusted to keep the heat in and the sun out of your home. To learn more about getting our top quality products in your home, visit our website today!

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay.com.

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