4 Subtle Home Security Tips to Fool Seasoned Thieves

One of the most preventable crimes is also the most common. Burglary is committed in the United States every 15 seconds and should a break-in occur at your home, you may be in danger of losing more than a few valuables. Even if you’re not at home at the time of the burglary, an intruder can break your sense of security and safety in your own home. To ward off would-be thieves, homeowners have a few subtle tricks at their disposal that will deter even the most experienced criminal.

Up Your Door’s Security

A thief that’s been around the block a time or two will know that the easiest way to break down a door is to apply force to a strike plate. With a swift kick, this will force a door open and break the frame and with only one sudden loud noise, there’s little chance that your neighbors will be alarmed enough to investigate. Furthermore, many locks implement anti-lock pick, drill, and hacksaw technologies that will prevent various intrusion methods. Reinforcing your door frame and installing longer screws to the hinges will also keep a bad guy out and show them that you’re not kidding around with your home’s security.

Make It Look Like There’s Always Someone Home

If you’re prone to travelling or have a second home, you’re at particular risk for a break-in. Thieves look for absent homeowners and consider them ideal targets, as an unoccupied home offers fewer chances of getting caught. Automatic light timers will make both your exterior and interior appear as though people are inside, but going an extra step further and using an automated timer for your TV or radio will generate enough ambient noise to drive away prudent burglars. You can also install automatic curtain and drape openers, but the tried-and-true homeowner tricks like having a neighbor move your trash cans periodically, keep your mail, and mow your lawn should all be implemented in your home security plan. 

Add Window Stops

Side windows and sliding doors are easy targets for burglars. They can be opened with ease and are generally more concealed entry points than primary doors, so it’s important to further fortify these access points to prevent unwanted intrusions. Install window stops that prevent windows from being opened wider than 6 inches and add metal rocks on sliding tracks. The more difficult it is to access your home, the less likely a burglar will continue to attempt entry.

Install Window Film

As a rule of thumb, any door or window glass within arm’s reach of a lock should be reinforced with safety and security window film. Security film adds an invisible layer to your glass, sealing it and preventing shattering. In the event of an impact or force attack on the glass, the film will keep glass particles together and will further deter a would-be burglar. Thicker, more durable window film is more effective, so if you’re concerned about your home’s ability to prevent unwanted intruders, a thick layer of impact-resistant window film could be a vital ally.

For more information on the benefits of safety and security window film, contact Brower Tint and Graphics. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have the tools and expertise to help secure your home or storefront and prevent break-ins from occurring. Give us a call today at (425) 251-6849 or use the contact form to get in touch.

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