5 Workplace Benefits of Installing Window Film

We’ve talked at length about the benefits of window film for Seattle homeowners and businesses alike, but setting aside the obvious advantages for a moment, there are actually a few little-known benefits of installing professional window film in your office that could help ring in the New Year for your workforce. If you’re looking for a way to boost morale and improve your workplace for your employees, look no further than window film. Here’s why:

Consistent Temperatures

By now, you know about the financial benefits of window film. By adding a protective seal against your glass, you can reduce the heat loss through your windows by as much as 30%. That’s good for your bottom line and for your building’s energy efficiency ratings, but what about for your workforce? Older, drafty buildings with uneven heating and cooling coverage can benefit greatly from window film, therefore leaving your internal temperatures consistent across your entire facility. Say goodbye to workplace sweaters once and for all.

Increase Privacy

No one likes to feel the fishbowl effect while they’re trying to work. Street-facing offices and mid-floor cubicles alike can both benefit greatly from a layer of window film, therefore reducing glare, increasing privacy, and boosting your building’s energy efficiency all while maintaining visible light levels.

Improve Safety

Even a thin layer of window film adds a degree of safety to your windows. In the case of an emergency, break-in, or natural disaster, window film can help keep glass particles together to reduce shattering and prevent unwanted access by adding another barrier to the glass itself. Plus, adding a layer of security film to your building’s exterior or street-level windows can even give you a break on your insurance premiums. If window film isn’t in your building’s emergency prevention plan, it absolutely should be.

Reduce Glare

Both passersby and occupants of all-glass buildings suffer from the glare caused by the sun and exposed glass. This can have a serious effect on a person’s vision and productivity, leading to more interruptions to your workflow. By reducing glare inside your building, you can help keep your workforce comfortable and productive all year long.

Aesthetic Boosts

Simply put, today’s window film isn’t like the old stuff. Thousands of color options and degrees of thickness, tint, and reflectivity means you can select styles, colors, and designs of window film to perfect match and enhance your workplace’s aesthetics with one simple step.

Sound too good to be true? Find out why every commercial construction in Seattle is incorporating window film into their building’s architectural plans and how you can add a layer of protective window film to your existing structure by contacting Brower Tinting and Graphics today.

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