6 Festive Window Decorations You Can Put Up Before Christmas

Looking for a few ways to make your home stand out before Christmas and the rest of the holidays rolls around? Here are a few ideas to make your windows look great before the big day rolls around or to keep in mind for next year!

1. Vintage Linens

Older and aged linens aren’t really practical for everyday use. Every household seems to have a box of old linens they inherited from someone’s grandmother, but they’re so delicate they’ve probably stayed in the box for years. Bring them out and show them off! They’re a fun replacement for drapes or blinds and still filter in that bright snowfall-reflected daylight.

2. Frosted Window Films

Adding a layer of frosted window film at the bottom of a large picture window will not only help your home feel more private, but it’ll accent your home’s winterized look when the snow is falling. Functional for every season, you can help bring out the frosted effect with window laminates of colored snowflakes or tree ornaments!

3. Wreaths

One of the most striking traditional decorations, a line of wreathes on a series of windows shows the neighborhood you’re in the holiday spirit and keeps your home feeling fresh and festive.

4. Advent Window Calendar

Okay, so this probably wouldn’t work for this year, but it was so cool we had to share it! Advent calendars are a fun ritual for children to keep track of the days until Christmas (as if they’d forget), so why not make it a decoration as well? Making custom cards for each day and stringing them up along the windows with a line of garland will keep track of their progress and add a bit of fun to the countdown.

5. Window Stockings

If you don’t have a fireplace or mantle, you can still get into the Christmas spirit by hanging your stockings along the window frame. 3M adhesive hangers should do the trick if you’d rather not hammer nails into your window frame.

6. Extra Ornament Displays

Have a bunch of old or extra ornaments balls that don’t really match with those on your tree? Placing them carefully into a large glass decoration and setting them in the window sill along with greenery or lights will add a unique and beautiful touch to your home this year.

Happy holidays from Brower Tinting and Graphics! We hope to see everyone warm and bright in 2015!

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