6 Ways Window Film Can Save You

We’ve covered many aspects of window film and its applications, but there are several ways window film can save you and you might be surprised at its uses:

6. Save You Money

Window film has been proven to save people money on their energy costs with Solar Control All Season “Low E” films. They reduce heat loss through the windows and prevent as much solar heat from entering your home, making your energy costs during the summer lower, too!

5. Save Your Furniture

UV and visible light can have harmful effects on your furniture. Our window films keep out UV rays and maintain the appearance of your furniture – in fact, they’re warrantied to remain as effective as long as you own your house.

4. Save Your Windows

Just invested in new windows and want to keep them clean, scratch-free, and protected? A layer of window film adds an extra barrier against dirt, rocks, chips, scratches, and even graffiti!

3. Save Your Furnace

We’ve already covered the cost of energy savings you can get with Solar Window Film, but it’s even more considering the lessened impact on your furnace or air conditioner. Think about it: the more air you lose through your windows, the harder your system has to work to recover and replace that air. That’s extra strain on your system that’s just going to waste!

2. Save Your Carpets

Sure, window films filter out the UV rays that harm your furniture, but the same goes for all your fabrics! Bottom line: if they’re exposed to sunlight without protection, they’ll fade and discolor. Floors, carpets, furniture, art, etc – keep it looking brand-new with window film!

1. Save Your Life

While nothing short of an underground bunker will guarantee your absolute safety, applying security film to your windows will stop them from shattering and keep glass particles together in the event of an explosion, earthquake, or break-in attempt.

When you’re ready to find out how window film can serve your specific needs, contact the professionals at Brower Tinting and Graphics!

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