Add Panache to a Space with Decorative Glass Film

When people think of window film, they generally think of it being necessary for energy conservation or privacy – in the case of ‘cloudy’ or ‘foggy’ looking glass. But decorative window films can do so much more to add stylish decoration, definition and partitions in corporate spaces, dramatic flair and more.

With the Fasara™ decorative glass film from 3M™, Brower Tinting and Graphics has access to a variety of styles. Our decorative glass finishes include films that look textured, etched, sandblasted, and more.

Additionally, we have a Roland LEJ-640 UV Hybrid Printer, which gives us the capability to print bright vivid images on a variety of media up to a width of 64”. With this innovative piece of equipment, we can create wall graphics and murals for interior and exterior applications and full floor to ceiling photo quality designs for offices and conference rooms.

Here are some of the benefits of decorative glass films…

Aesthetically Pleasing

Decorative glass film can completely transform window glass from plain, clear glass to textured or colored glass. Brower’s professional film technicians apply the film directly to the glass surface, leaving behind a bubble-free, expert-smooth surface. It won’t even look like there’s film on the glass!

Creative Options

The options are almost limitless with decorative glass film. We can completely customize your film installation based on your space, privacy needs, decorative elements, color, texture, and more.

Light Transfer

Where walls and solid partitions might block sunlight or artificial light from getting to a room or space, decorative glass film can create the division of space and/or privacy you need without blocking light.

Durable Design

Since our professional window film technicians apply the film, you can rely on their expertise to ensure the decorative glass film will not peel or bubble over time.  The film itself is made from durable polyester materials, which have a long lifetime.

Decorative Privacy

Privacy does not have to come at the cost of beauty. With the decorative glass films we can provide, there are hundreds of options to conceal private spaces with beauty and style. You can use window films with more texture or color to eliminate or reduce the transparency of glass, and add more decorative elements to enhance the attractiveness of the glass.

Click here to check out some of the decorative glass film projects we’ve installed in the past, or contact us to discuss your needs for decorative glass films.

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