All About our 3M Window Film Warranty

Brower Tinting & Graphics uses 3M® products for the majority of our window tinting, particularly for residential window film. We are the foremost official purveyor of 3M films in the Pacific Northwest and Greater Seattle area. The 3M films we install all come with a window film warranty to ensure the quality of the window tinting for years to come.

After installation of your window films, 3M will mail your window film warranty directly to you! But your coverage under 3M’s warranty begins the day of installation, even though you don’t have all the paperwork, yet.

The 3M warranty certifies that the window film – if installed correctly – will maintain its properties of solar reflection and protection of your home. This also warrants that the film will not bubble, peel, or crack for the length of the warranty. If your film does not include dyed polyester materials, the warranty will also certify the tinting will not discolor over time.

For commercial buildings, the 3M warranty on their window films covers 10 years, and the warranty for residential window films lasts for a limited lifetime (as long as the original purchaser of the films owns the home; the warranty does not transfer to the next homeowner). Special films like Low E films and Panther Black films have a 5-year warranty, and exterior films are warranted for two years.

Glass failure as a result of thermal shock fracture (up to 60 months from installation) or seal failure as a direct result of the application of window film (of up to $500 cost per window, 40 months after installation) is also covered. Some restrictions apply, but as a whole, this warranty covers much more than the industry standard.

With this coverage, 3M’s window film warranty is actually the most comprehensive you can get! An additional perk for our customers is that in the Pacific Northwest, these films have historically maintained their effectiveness for up to twenty years!

In addition, residential window film customers can purchase an Optional Platinum Warranty, where 3M will match the terms and conditions of the customer’s existing window manufacturer’s warranty for $.35/square foot. The Platinum warranty brings greater peace of mind for our residential customers, since they can rest assured that their investment in new windows will continue to be protected.

If your window film does develop defects within the time covered by the warranty, 3M and Brower Tinting & Graphics will completely replace the defective film at no cost to the customer.

With the proper care, your new window film will provide years of protection and comfort from your windows. Contact us to learn more about 3M window films!

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