Answers to Common Myths About Window Film

Window tinting can help to reduce your energy costs, lower heat and solar damage, make your home more comfortable, and extend the life of your furniture and decorative products. With all of the good that window film can do for your home, it may not come as a surprise that there are some myths and rumors about it, too.

Brower Tinting & Graphics has over 50 years of combined window film experience, so we’re pretty confident that we can answer and debunk some common myths about window film…


Myth: Eventually – such as after a few years – window film will begin to bubble and discolor (like that purple bubbly stuff on some cars).

Fact: Not true! The film that you see bubbling and eggplant-toned on car windows is, first of all, not quality film. Secondly, it was most certainly not installed by a professional. Window tinting is done with metallized films that do not turn color and stay the same near-clear tone that they are on installation day. Our window films are guaranteed not to discolor, and our professional team members are all skilled to an expert level on the installation process to ensure there is no bubbling.


Myth: Window film will make my windows dark.

Fact: While window films come in a variety of tints (the darker they are, the more solar heat they reflect away from your home), most of them are very light and nearly invisible. You can select the best window tinting to fit your needs in protection and tone – your windows won’t be darker unless you want them to be!


Myth: All UV rays and fading is stopped by window tinting.

Fact: Nearly all window films will protect against at least 99.9% of harmful UV rays. However, fading is caused by more than just UV rays. Window tinting will protect your furniture and décor from that 99.9% of UV light, which makes up about 40 percent of the causes of fading. The film will also reflect most of the solar heat and visible light (another 50 percent of the causes of fading), but the remaining causes of fading –including chemical vapors, indoor light, poor materials, and humidity – cannot be controlled with window tinting.


Myth: Over time, the UV-protection of my window film will lose its effectiveness.

Fact: The films we install on your windows have a proprietary adhesive system that does not lose its effectiveness as time passes. Here in the Northwest, window films of our standards have been effective for upwards of 15-20 years, and all of our film installations come with at least a 15-year warranty for interior commercial applications, or lifetime warranty for residential windows.


Myth: If I have window film on my doors and windows, burglars will be completely unable to break the glass and enter my home.

Fact: While window tinting, safety films and security films do deter glass from breaking in a burglary attempt, they cannot completely stop a burglar from breaking the glass and entering your home. It will require considerably more effort and materials for them to gain entrance, but it is still possible.


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