Anti-Graffiti Film vs. Glass Replacement: Save Time & Money

When your business has been tagged with graffiti, it is not only a frustration and hassle to deal with; it’s also a large unexpected cost. The vandalism must be dealt with in order to make your storefront presentable and appealing to customers again.

With the recent May Day demonstrations and graffiti wave in Madison Park last month, now is an excellent time to consider anti-graffiti film for your business or commercial building’s windows.

At Brower Tinting and Graphics, we can install anti-graffiti window film to protect your business’ glass from vandalism, and save lots of time and money if your windows are tagged. Here are some of the reasons why anti-graffiti film is more advantageous than glass replacement for dealing with graffiti…

  • Reduced Cost. If your windows are tagged with graffiti paint or scratched by vandals, you may be faced with having to replace the whole panel of glass if you do not have anti-graffiti film installed. The cost of replacing a whole pane of glass can run in the thousands of dollars, while replacing the anti-graffiti film on your glass is far less expensive. And if your business is located in an area with high rates of crime, repeated glass replacements could ruin your business.
  • Less Risk. Don’t plan on removing the vandalism yourself – you could create more damage by scratching or even breaking the glass. Regular paint remover does not work on dried paint on glass, graffiti is near-impossible to remove. And what happens if the vandals don’t just paint the window, but scratch it, too? By having anti-graffiti film installed on your windows, scratches and graffiti paint can be removed along with the film, leaving behind unharmed window glass that can be protected with replacement film.
  • Almost Invisible. If you are concerned that your customers or even potential vandals will know that your windows have film, don’t be! The anti-graffiti films we install are almost invisible, so that no one but you and our window film installation team will know it’s there.

Anti-graffiti window film installed by Brower’s skilled technicians has been proven as an effective block against the costs of vandalism. Additionally, we can provide glass restoration services to remove scratches and graffiti from glass windows. We buff the glass to remove the vandalism, and in most cases, the damaged glass is resurfaced for about half the cost of full glass replacement.

For our window films, we use 6 mil thick films – above the industry standard of 4 mil – because we have found these thicker films to offer better protection… So far, no one has been able to vandalize the glass underneath our films with paint or scratching.

Contact us for more information about anti-graffiti film for your windows, or to schedule a consultation for installing some protective film.

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