Anti Graffiti

Anti-Graffiti Film – the facts

Benefits of Anti-Graffiti: Brower Glass Restoration would like to partner with you in your fight against vandalism. Our goal is to use the most sensible and cost effective methods to repair and protect your windows and mirrors.

Graffiti on glass or “tagging” as it is commonly referred to, is becoming more frequent these days. Sometimes vandals will simply scratch the windows with a sharp instrument or they may splash the window with acid. In either case, the glass is usually ruined as a result.

To combat this problem, we have thick, clear films that we call “Anti-Graffiti Films”, which effectively protect the glass from either of these types of attacks. We have been using these films for years with excellent results.

Many prominent merchants & property managers regularly use our films and are ecstatic with the protection they offer.

If the film gets etched or scratched, the damage does not make it through the film to the glass. At that point, the film can be removed and replaced much cheaper than replacing the glass itself. At the same time, the film is virtually invisible and will not change the appearance of your building or storefront. No one knows the film is applied but you!

We typically use films that are at least 6 mils in thickness. Thus far, no one has been successful at damaging the glass underneath. Many other window film dealers use 4 mil films. While these thinner films offer protection and are cheaper, they don’t work as well. This is why we use the thicker films.