Benefits of Installing Window Film on All Windows

The benefits of window film offer more than just protection against solar heat, glare and ultraviolet rays – the tinting also provides an extra layer against sound and even improves the glass’ resistance to breakage. Some believe that they only need to apply window film on the windows in their home that receive direct sunlight, such as south-facing windows.

However, we recommend that any windows – even the ones receiving less-direct sunlight – have window film installed. The reason for this suggestion is that all windows transmit UV radiation, regardless of whether or not they face direct sun. So windows without film will allow solar heat and UV rays to infiltrate your home, increase energy costs, and cause fading on your furniture and décor.

If preventing fading is a strong priority for you, window film application to all windows that receive sunlight – even indirect sunlight – is strongly suggested. Installation of window film on all windows is particularly recommended if you have furnishings and/or artwork that are delicate or irreplaceable if damaged. Interested in learning more about how fading works? Click here for some answers about the myths of the causes of fading on your furnishings.

Window tinting from Brower Tinting & Graphics can be chosen specifically for the windows and the amount of sunlight they receive. For instance, if some windows receive less direct sun, we may apply a lighter film to those windows, for protection as well as uniformity, while applying a darker film to windows that receive more direct sunlight. This offers better protection, while leaving no/little discernable difference in darkness to the naked eye.

Our window films are guaranteed not to discolor, so you can rest assured that your windows will look beautiful even as they offer the critical protection against UV rays. Most films will maintain the natural, clear look of your current windows. The tinting will reduce the heat and glare directed at your windows by the sun, and reflect and absorb UV rays.

Contact Brower Tinting & Graphics to learn more about our window films, or to schedule your free consultation to get a quote on window tinting for your home!

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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that window tinting can protect the inside of your home from fading. My husband and I just installed new carpet in the living room, and I want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. There are a few very large windows in that room, so I'll definitely look into having them tinted to prevent the carpet from fading. Thanks for the great post!
  2. Rockford Johnson
    Great post! Thank you for helping me understand the benefits of adding window film to my windows. I really like how you said that "windows without film will allow solar heat and UV rays to infiltrate your home, increase energy costs, and cause fading on your furniture and décor." I have never added window film to my windows before but I can imagine how helpful they can be when it comes to saving money and lowering your monthly energy bill.
  3. You truly can't beat the look of a well done window tint job. Love the blog!
  4. John Ewell
    Commercial window tinting is a great investment for nearly all business looking to stop the powerful effect of UV rays on their employees health.
  5. Ema
    Very informational post! Last Friday I also tinted front windows of my lovely house. It was irritating in the morning when sunlight comes. After tinting windows, our house looks great and it is also protected from the sun.

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