Benefits of Solar Control Window Film

Did you know that window tinting can have a significant affect on your energy bill and other home costs? Without window film tinting, your home loses a startling amount of heat during the winter, absorbs too much heat in the summer, and is vulnerable to other problems such as fading of furniture and décor.

Solar control window film offers a solution to all of the above, and has some key benefits…

Reduced Heat Loss: About one-third of your home’s total heat loss happens through windows and doors. Without protective film on your windows, you’re probably spending hundreds of dollars more than you need to for a comfortable temperature in your home through the season. Click here to check out a home heat loss calculator, to determine where your home’s heat is going. Compared with plain glass, solar control window film will reduce heat loss by 20 – 30 percent.

Minimize Fading: Our films block 99 percent of UV rays from entering your home, which makes up 40 percent of what causes fading in fabrics, furniture and artwork. Fading cannot be completely stopped, since other factors including visible light, solar heat (our window films reduce 49 – 69 percent of solar heat), chemical vapors, and humidity cause fading as well. While window tinting doesn’t fully remove the risk of fading, window film does significantly reduce sun damage and therefore increases the lifetime of your furniture and décor.

Virtually Invisible: Window films come in a variety of tints and shades (the darker the tint, the more protection), however the light tints are virtually invisible. The tints will not obstruct the view from your windows – they are designed to keep solar heat and other rays outside the home and interior heat inside. Our professional window tinting does not create the bubbled, purple-toned effect that is commonly associated with window film (like you see in the rear windows of some cars).

Scratch-Resistant: Window tinting helps to protect your home from more than just harmful solar energy; it is also scratch-resistant to keep your windows protected. There are special films and installation methods that are designed to keep your glass from breaking easily (when a burglar is attempting to enter your home, for instance), and others that are easy to remove and replace when they are vandalized and tagged with graffiti.

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