Brower Tinting and Graphics: Friend to Seattle Landmarks

Brower Tinting and Graphics have been doing business in Seattle for 40 years, starting from a tiny one-man operation and evolving into the most trusted tinting company in Seattle. We’ve provided services for some of the most iconic Seattle buildings, businesses, and landmarks. We’d like to take this post to take a closer look at some of these projects we’ve been involved in—you can tell, with one look at our list of partners, that Brower is the premier provider in Seattle. Here are a few highlights from the list:

The Space Needle


Nothing says Seattle quite like the Space Needle—even just the outline of this building in our skyline will make people on the other side of the world instantly think of this city and all it stands for. And towering in the sky, you know it gets a lot of light. When you consider its rotating restaurant and observation deck, you can imagine how much UV protection the Space Needle needs!

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum Exteriors

One of the finest art galleries in the nation, the Seattle Art Museum entrusted its windows to Brower. Because the SAM houses hundreds of pieces of sensitive art, it’s crucial that UV rays are prevented from shining in and damaging any of the works, even in areas like the lobby.

Experience Music Project


Even buildings without many windows need protection on the ones they do have. The Experience Music Project in the Seattle Center is likely the most unique work of construction in the city, and is visited by tens of thousands of people every year. Though the outside is mostly designer sheet metal, the EMP needs to regulate the emissions at its gates.

Seattle Public Library, Central Branch


This library is breathtaking, from both the inside and out. One of the most remarkable features of its construction is that its exterior is literally all glass—and that means a lot of a window film. The Public Library not only houses thousands of books that shouldn’t be exposed to damaging UV rays, but it also needs to be a refuge of study and recreation, and a stable, easily-controlled temperature throughout the colossal building is paramount.

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