Capture Attention & Tell Your Story with Eye-Catching Signage

Time, energy, creativity, and oftentimes, lots of debate goes into designing and choosing your company’s branding and graphic representations. With so much cost, it’s important that your business’ signage not only represents your company well, but is also eye-catching and visually attractive.

The graphics and signs outside your business and on your windows can capture attention and tell your company’s story. Eye-catching signage can accomplish the following:

  • Easy, inexpensive advertising. Print and media advertising can regularly cost hundreds of dollars (Internet marketing is slightly less expensive, but is still an ongoing cost). On the other hand, your signage advertises your business to passers-by and even customers of neighboring businesses – without you doing anything at all! Research shows that approximately 85 percent of your customers either live or work within five miles of your business, and therefore, they see your sign more than 50 times each month!
  • Educate and spread awareness. Not only are signs an excellent marketing and advertising tool for your business, they also offer concrete awareness about who your company is and what your business does. The design of these signs plays critically in this role – your sign should deliberately express your branding in some way to educate potential customers about your products or services with merely a glance. Here are some basic tips for designing your sign.
  • Increased return on investment. You may spend thousands of dollars every year in marketing and advertising your business, but your signage has much more value (and it costs less). Studies have shown that signage on-site at your business is equal to the value of 24 full-page newspaper ads each year.
  • Acquiring loans or financing. Banks, investors, and other financial institutions will – of course – do research on your company before providing financing to help you grow. Sometimes, the existence of signage can make or break your chances for acquiring that financing. Quality signage shows stability for your business and gives your company an added boost of credibility.

Contact us for more information about window graphics and signage. Brower Tinting & Graphics specializes in this field, providing quality digital graphics and vinyl signage of all types for businesses and organizations in the Greater Seattle area. Click here for the requirements for our custom graphics work.

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