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One of the surprising benefits of window film is that some specialized forms are designed to help combat graffiti. You can’t stop vandals from scratching or painting windows, but with anti-graffiti film, you CAN peel off the damaged film to replace it, without replacing the whole window. In these posts, we explain more about how this works and benefits you.

At a Glance: The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Brower’s commercial window tints and film can help protect any business or workspace by offering cost-effective heat reduction and insulation benefits, additional security, glare reduction for increased safety and comfort, and a safeguard against vandalism. Below, learn how investing in Brower’s services today can contribute to your business space’s longevity by putting the brakes on…
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Security Window Film: How It Protects Your People and Business

As we've covered before, improving the protection of your home and business from intruders, vandalism, and natural disasters is as simple as adding a protective layer of security window film to your glass. Depending on your requirements, different levels of protection may be necessary. For basic protection against graffiti and vandalism, a layer of safety…
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Glass Restoration at Brower

Graffiti is an unfortunate problem many businesses are forced to grapple with, especially those located downtown or in high-traffic areas. Brower Tinting & Graphics not only offers preventative anti-graffiti film services, but we can also help you repair existing damage through glass restoration. Replacing a pane of glass is usually the most expensive course of…
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