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One of the most popular reasons why people look into window film is because they want to fight fading. Because our window film reduces glare, blocks most UV rays, and helps keep the causes of fading to a minimum, window tinting certainly helps to significantly reduce the environmental triggers for fading.

Why Fabric Fades (And How to Stop It)

Today’s most in-demand architectural designs for both commercial and residential buildings involve big windows and a lot of natural light. Unfortunately, this light causes fading of the materials that make up your home, such as your rug, art, curtains, or the upholstery of your couch, chair, or ottoman. To best understand how window film helps…
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Your Guide to Fading Hardwood Floors

As you might know, exposure to UV rays can have a number of damaging effects on your home and its materials, including fading. The sunlight streaming in through your windows might be cheerful, but it will fade your curtains, your furniture, your rugs, or even your art. One of the greatest risks for fading is…
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