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In addition to window film and tinting, Brower is very experienced with window graphics. These graphics can be incredibly detailed with your text, logo, or design, as well as simple shapes, colors and textures. These posts explain more about our graphics and offer examples and ideas for how to incorporate them with your windows.

3M Tinting: Company Profile

At Brower Tinting and Graphics, we’ve partnered with 3M Tinting to supply our window application material. They’re the best producer of window films and their manufacturing facilities are located in the United States, in Knoxville, Iowa and Decatur, Alabama. They even produce their own raw materials, which they incorporate into their finished films. This ensures a…
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Capture Attention & Tell Your Story with Eye-Catching Signage

Time, energy, creativity, and oftentimes, lots of debate goes into designing and choosing your company’s branding and graphic representations. With so much cost, it’s important that your business’ signage not only represents your company well, but is also eye-catching and visually attractive. The graphics and signs outside your business and on your windows can capture…
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Why Brower is Set Apart in the Tinting & Graphics Industry

The industry of window tinting and window films is widespread and offers consumers and businesses a lot of options for privacy, solar deflection, and design. Brower Tinting & Graphics is set apart within the industry for our expertise, size, and company values. We were one of the very first companies to sell 3M Window Films,…
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Perks of the VersaUV Hybrid Printer from Roland

Roland’s UV LED Printer, the VersaUV LEJ-640, creates beautiful printing and embossing for roll media and rigid substrates in both CMYK color, white, and clear inks. This top-of-the-line printer/embosser allows us to print graphics on a variety of media, for wall graphics, murals, large photo-quality designs, and more. Just over a year-and-a-half ago, in December,…
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