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For home and commercial purposes, our tinting products from 3M will help to improve your energy efficiency, cut back on fading and some harmful environmental agents, reduce glare, and more. These articles discuss our tinting products and their benefits in more detail.

The Complete Guide to a Sustainable Home

From solar panels and home-scale wind turbines to sustainable farming and electric cars, there are myriad options for those who wish to reduce their environmental impact without needing to eschew modern technology. One of the best ways for you and your family to reduce your environmental footprint is to work toward creating a more sustainable…
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5 Reasons to Tint Your Home’s Windows

When people think of tinted windows, they often think of flashy sports cars. However, one of the most beneficial uses for window tinting is in homes, not in vehicles. From lowering your electrical bill to reducing sun damage, window films and window tint that darkens your home windows offer a number of benefits. Window tinting…
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At a Glance: The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Brower’s commercial window tints and film can help protect any business or workspace by offering cost-effective heat reduction and insulation benefits, additional security, glare reduction for increased safety and comfort, and a safeguard against vandalism. Below, learn how investing in Brower’s services today can contribute to your business space’s longevity by putting the brakes on…
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