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How much do you know about window tinting? From the benefits of the tinting and film itself, to the procedure for its installation, these helpful, informative blog articles will explain more about window tinting and help you understand how it works to protect your home or commercial building and improve your use of energy.

At a Glance: The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

Brower’s commercial window tints and film can help protect any business or workspace by offering cost-effective heat reduction and insulation benefits, additional security, glare reduction for increased safety and comfort, and a safeguard against vandalism. Below, learn how investing in Brower’s services today can contribute to your business space’s longevity by putting the brakes on…
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What Causes Furniture Fading?

There are lots of misconceptions about what causes furniture fading, and that’s probably because many people hear different things about the actual damage caused by solar heat and radiation. Fading is the change in color over time in furniture upholstery, wood, art and paintings, and other items. So, what actually causes furniture to fade? ULTRAVIOLET…
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What Effect Window Tinting has on Your Energy Costs

Home energy costs and efficiency are some of the most talked-about improvements for homeowners. This is particularly true in the Greater Seattle Area, where homeowners care about minimizing their carbon footprint as well as lowering their monthly energy bill. Window tinting can have a big effect – not just on lowering your energy costs, but…
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How UV Protection Works with Window Tinting

Ultraviolet rays don’t just damage skin, causing sunburn and other problems. They can damage furniture and décor with fading, accelerate the wear-and-tear on the exterior elements of your home, and more. UV rays, solar heat, and glare can enter your  home daily through your windows, but the damaging effects of these solar components can be…
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