Check Out Our Tint Simulator!

If you’re interested in getting window film installed in your home, but you’re wondering what effect the film will have on the brightness of the room, check out our tint simulator! You can browse the effects of our Prestige Series, Ceramic Series, Night Vision, and Safety & Security films. All our films protect against 99.9 percent of UV rays and come with a lifetime warranty for residential installations. Look through our options with the simulator!

Prestige Series

This series of window film is actually less reflexive than glass, and allows a maximum of light to enter your home. With the Prestige Series 70, only 30% of the natural outdoor light is blocked, allowing crystalline visibility. The Prestige Series is “spectrally select,” meaning that it also has infrared light blocking capabilities. The Prestige Series is our finest line of window film, and perfect for living rooms and family rooms where brightness is paramount but so is protecting your furniture.

Ceramic Series

The Ceramic Series is slightly darker than the Prestige, offering up to 50% of the light from outside to shine through into your home. The Ceramic Series contains advanced ceramics that make these films long-lasting and effective over time, and when this kind of window film was invented about fifteen years ago, it revolutionized the window film market. Still very popular today, it offers great protection at a slightly lower cost.

Night Vision

Night Vision is for rooms where you want to reduce as much incoming light as possible. Reducing light also means reducing glare, so our Night Vision film is great in media rooms where you might use computer or television screens. This window film also has a low interior reflectivity, meaning that at night you’ll be able to enjoy the view out your windows while preventing those outside from looking in, offering greater privacy both day and night.

We also offer a variety of safety and security films that help protect against break-ins and severe weather. Though most security films are totally clear, we also offer a few safety films with sun control.

Call us today to talk about which of our many options is right for you!

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