Why Choose 3M Products

We live in the age of technology. We’re constantly watching companies develop more and more inventions that make our lives easier, whether those are in regard to the home, office, health, school or even sports. There is a stream of products being developed in order to fill in gaps that we didn’t even know existed. That’s why at Brower Tint and Graphics, we choose 3M solutions for the best results.

A manufacturing company out of St. Paul, Minnesota, 3M has been around for the last 108 years striving to serve all markets. Their research and development lab is constantly churning out new technologies and developing them into products. They are neither a conglomerate nor focused on one industry, meaning that they have a widespread focus and are not made up individually run businesses.

3M instead simply seems to operate under one principle: invent helpful, new things. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as they are useful to the populace. This sort of vague goal inherently makes for a unique work environment, one that will be appreciated and discussed as you read on.

What Types of Products Does 3M Make?

Most people are familiar with 3M products, but if you aren’t here are a few of the many things they make:

  • Post-it Notes
  • Scotch Tape
  • Command Strips
  • ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape
  • Ace Bandages

These are a mere drop in the giant pool of products that 3M has released. 3M states that they produce something akin to 55,000 different products. The even more impressive feat is that, not only are these products incredibly useful, they are also incredibly popular. Things like Post-it Notes and Scotch tape can be found on almost every desk in almost every office in the U.S.  

This is not to say, however, that all of their products get this kind of recognition. 3M works in a sort of behind the scenes capacity for companies like Apple, putting 3M products into their iPhones. Their products also appear in cars, factories and hospitals. While the everyday American may not notice, 3M is a large part of pushing the world forward.

Why Shop for 3M Products?

Other than their incredible usefulness, 3M is a company that should be supported not only for their innovative technologies, but for their innovative business practices as well. 3M is a company that wants to reward forward thinking and new development, and they go about encouraging this in their workers in a number of ways. 3M does their best to link workers that could help each other in developing a product, which is actually how the Post-It note was made. Whether this means face-to-face contact or through digital means, 3M encourages the sharing of ideas and building off one another to create a new technology that couldn’t have been achieved by one mind.

Before Google even existed, 3M would give employees leave time to work on their own specific projects. They also have a grant program where employees chosen by their peers can be given up to $100,000.

3M strives to give their workers autonomy so as to allow for the creative process to grow. Obviously there are some risks to this plan, as we all know mistakes are bound to be made. However, 3M clearly understands that in the long run, this freedom will lead to some pretty amazing results.

And so it has. Supporting 3M through choosing its products is not only giving you useful technology, it is also supporting the idea that innovation stems from the freedom to fail and the encouragement to succeed.

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