Creative Ideas for Window Graphics

Custom window graphics can do a lot more than just portray your business’ branding – they can create something interesting, share more depth about your company or services, or spice up a blank space with color and pattern.

Brower Tinting & Graphicss has been offering window graphics design, printing and installation since 2001, and we’re constantly adding to our selection of options in outdoor, indoor and window graphics.

Here are some of the creative ways our customers have expressed themselves and their businesses through custom window graphics:


Everybody pops a logo on their business cards and often on the signage outside of or above their door, but we can do a lot more. Create an elegant look with a frosted window film that has your logo or business name etched out of it. This look is sophisticated and offers additional privacy while letting your customers know you’re there.


Beyond the branding side of things, sometimes it can benefit your business just to catch a potential customer’s eye with something visually appealing and different. With our VersaUV LEJ-640 hybrid printer, we can print pretty much any graphics in photo-quality (up to 1440 x1440 dpi).


Dress up boring, clear glass in your home or office setting with colored or shaded glass in patterns for some visual interest. Our window graphics can create illusions or display a modern artistic look on just about any material.


Don’t just tell your customers and clients what you do – show it with unique graphics and window film etchings. From icons to silhouettes in nearly any color, Brower’s graphics professionals can help you depict your business’ services with ease and elegance.

Contact us to discuss your needs for one-of-a-kind graphics and window art. We look forward to working with you to express your vision with creative style!


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