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The LEJ-640 Hybrid Printer


We purchased this machine in December of 2012 to expand our capabilities past just the frosted films and window tinting we were known for. This addition gives us the capability to print bright vivid images on a variety of media up to a width of 64”. Wall graphics and murals for interior and exterior applications, full floor to ceiling photo quality designs for offices and conference rooms are now regular additions to our product line.

We have the ability to print white, something many other shops do not have. We have put it to good use printing smooth gradient patterns on many offices and conference rooms to give privacy where clients want it while allowing light and visibility through other parts of the glass. The ability to print white also allows us to print crystal clear photo quality images on optically clear polyester films suitable for full or partial length storefront and interior office projects.

As a hybrid printer, the LEJ-640 accepts both roll and flat media substrates from thin films to lightweight board and cardboard. This means we also have the capability to print on full sheets of rigid materials that are suitable for wall signs, lawn signs, and other similar types of signage.

The Eco-UV ink used in this machine is VOC-free, dries instantly and is safe after curing. They adhere to a wide range of treated and untreated substrates; they can also be stretched and applied around curved surfaces and edges without cracking.