Debunking the Myths and Misconceptions About the Causes of Fading

In our many years of experience providing commercial and residential window tinting services, we have come across some strong misconceptions about the causes of fading. It is usually our customers’ hope that the window tinting we install will prevent the fade of color in their furniture, flooring, art, and other décor.

Rest assured: Window tinting does help to prevent and delay fading, however it cannot block or stop it completely, unfortunately.

The most common myth and misconception about fading is that it is caused completely by ultraviolet light, or UV light. Actually, UV Light is the primary cause of fading, and is responsible for 40 percent.

Heat and visible light are the other main contributors to fading. Solar heat makes up about 25 percent of the cause of fading, and visible light makes up another 25 percent. Brower window tinting can block some of the solar heat with heat rejection, and the darker the hue of your tint, the more visible light that is cut. Our window tinting can help prevent fading due to all of these factors, depending on the nature of the tint you choose.

Other causes make up the remaining 10 percent, including things like chemical vapors, indoor lighting, poor quality of the dye in your item fabrics, humidity, and so on. Unfortunately, window tinting has no control over these factors.

Our window tinting blocks up to 99 percent of UV light, and it can have an effect on the other factors that make up the remaining 60 percent of the cause of fading. Since window film blocks just about all of the UV light, the tinting helps to maintain the appearance of your fabrics, flooring, furniture, fine art and other decor. Window tinting installed by Brower’s expert team members will certainly help to extend the life of your furniture and décor.

UV protection in Brower Tinting & Graphics window film is tested and proven to last. In fact, we warrant that the tint will remain effective for as long as you own your house.

Schedule an appointment to discuss how window tinting can delay sun damage to your belongings and extend their appearance for many, many years. The expert team at Brower Tinting & Graphics is skilled and knowledgeable about the best ways to effectively and affordably protect your home against sun damage and other elements.

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