Dress Up Your Indoor or Outdoor Glass with Custom Graphics!

Seattle businesses are constantly looking for ways to impress clients, attract customers, or appeal to potential employees. A beautiful office environment is one of the best ways to accomplish all three, but how can you make an impression and set your building apart without undergoing an expensive remodel?

Try custom graphics from Brower Tinting and Graphics! Easier, faster, and less expensive than a remodel, our graphics will still transform your space into something unique and distinctive. We can print solid colors, images, text, designs, or outlines onto glass or other hard surfaces in palettes ranging from bright and bold to subtle or frosted.

Here are a few of our many options that help you optimally customize your graphics:

  • We can work with artwork files in multiple formats and in either rastor or vector formats. For rastor artwork (which is based on colored pixels) we can accept .jpg, .tiff, .psd, or .gif., and for vector artwork (which is based on mathematical lines and curves) we can accept .ai, .eps, .pdf, and .cdr
  • We have several thousand fonts to utilize in our graphics department
  • For graphics printed on vinyl, we have a large gallery of 57 different opaque vinyl film colors to choose from, including transparent, and you’ll be sure to find the match you’re looking for
  • For specific custom colors, we can also produce your artwork with a digital printing process to capture your exact requirement

For beautiful, professional graphic services, call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics, or visit our gallery of graphics work to view what we’ve done in the past!


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