Everyone’s Least Favorite Winterizing Methods

When winter hits, people do a lot of things to make sure their home stays cozy. And though many of these methods work decently, a lot of them are not only a huge pain in the neck to execute but also create quite an eyesore. Here’s a list of some of our least favorite ways to winterize.

1.) Door Draft Guards

  • No matter how hard you try, it’s pretty much impossible to make those door draft guards look good, and some of them just look plain awful. The worst looking ones are probably the rolled up towels or wadded fabric, especially because you have to move them back into place every time the door opens, and they’re always getting caught and tangled, not to mention collecting dust.

doorplastic2.) Plastic on the Windows

  • This is an old trick for cheaply sealing your home from drafts during the winter, but when you staple sheets of plastic over your windows it makes your house look kind of like a crime scene. You can use shrink wrap, bubble wrap, thick industrial plastic, or even fabric, but there is no option that will be unnoticeable. If you like watching the snow falling or the sun rising, you’re going to be pretty bummed out when your view is either distorted or completely obstructed by your window plastic. Not to mention the time it takes to put on initially and then constantly re-seal every time it inevitably rips or comes loose!

insulation3.) Insulation

  • Insulation batting has got to be one of the worst materials to work with. Those itchy rolls of pink fiberglass are irritating to your eyes and respiratory system, and you need to wear long sleeves, pants, goggles, gloves, and some kind of mask when working with them. And if you’re adding insulation somewhere that’s visible, it instantly makes your home look unfinished.

But do you know what is easy, permanent, beautiful, and ALSO winterizes your home?

Window film!

With window film, you’re not only be protecting your furniture from fading, you’re also protecting your heat from escaping! Window film is a way of winterizing that will actually make your house look better and feel better. We at Brower can do all the installation, and we can also guarantee it for a lifetime on residential applications—this is one winterizing job you won’t have to dread every year!

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