Glare Reduction with Window Film

One thing we aren’t very used to in Seattle is all this sun. This has been a record-breaking summer for heat, which means we’re also getting a lot more light than usual. Without our typical cloud cover, you might have noticed you’re having more problems with glare off of glass surfaces lately. Window film can help!

1.) Commercial Tinting

If you have a business in a heavily-populated commercial area, the glare coming off of your building and its windows might be causing problems for others. Especially because of Seattle’s hills, it’s often hard to predict exactly how the rays of the sun might strike a building in relation to our steep roadways. Drivers are often blinded by the rays of sun bouncing off buildings and into their eyes, especially when driving into or out of downtown. It’s also likely that the sun striking your building is reflecting into a neighboring structure, which is extremely frustrating for your commercial neighbors. Be responsible, and reduce the glare from your office!

2.) Residential Tinting

For residences, you’re probably more concerned with the glare coming in. When you’re trying to use a computer or television, light entering through a window can cause a frustrating glare on your computer. Some households will drape rooms like dens or offices with heavy curtains, but why make your home feel like a cave or a funeral parlor when you can just install window film? Of course, it’s impossible to block 100 percent of the light, but you might be surprised how much good a tinted film will do, while still allowing you visibility out your windows! Our special Night Vision film is specifically designed to cut glare and reject up to 73 percent of the sun’s heat. With Night Vision, you’ll only be letting about 35 percent of the natural daylight into your home, thanks to low interior reflectivity, while also increasing your privacy!

If you have problems with glare in either your home or office, call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics! We would love to talk about your glare-reducing options through window film.

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