Glare Reduction

Window Film Basics: Glare

Facts about glare reduction


Reduce Glare Glare Control

This one is actually pretty straight forward. In order to reduce glare, you must reduce light. The terms “light” and “glare” are interchangeable in our industry. To reduce half of the glare it follows that you need to reduce approximately half of the light.

The darker the film, the more glare is reduced. In real terms, a film that reduces 50% of the light will not solve a glare problem but it will certainly take the “edge” off of a bright glaring window.

A problem with viewing a computer or TV screen will require a fairly dark window film. To address this problem you would need a film that reduces 80% of the glare. Solving this severe of a problem will more than likely result in a reduction of room lighting and affect the view out of your windows. We always try to find a happy medium.