Glass Restoration at Brower

Graffiti is an unfortunate problem many businesses are forced to grapple with, especially those located downtown or in high-traffic areas. Brower Tinting & Graphics not only offers preventative anti-graffiti film services, but we can also help you repair existing damage through glass restoration.

Replacing a pane of glass is usually the most expensive course of action in graffiti control, and should be the last resort. If you have experienced scratching or marking on your glass surfaces, it’s very likely that we’ll be able to save the pane, and save you money, using our restoration process. We use a high-powered sander to buff the surface of the glass and remove the markings. Most of the time, resurfacing glass in this way costs about half what a new window would cost. We like to follow-up this restoration with the application of one of our protective anti-graffiti films, which will prevent any future damage.

There are so many surfaces at risk for damage, and you might want to consider using our restoration or anti-graffiti film services on more than just windows. Mirrors, vending machine covers, display cases, or indoor glass paneling are all at risk for damage. Many vandals will attempt to scratch their “tags” into glass because they believe it will be more difficult to remove than something painted or drawn, or they’ll apply stickers that will be difficult to remove without gouging the surface underneath. It’s true that you can’t wash or scrape off something that’s carved into the surface of a pane, and painting over it isn’t an option, but it’s important that businesses realize that resurfacing is a possibility—call us to ask about whether your original glass can be saved before you replace it!

Of course, as they say, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” If you think your glass is at risk for either intentional vandalism or accidental damage, install our 6mm anti-graffiti window film! So far, no vandals have ever been able to penetrate one of our films and permanently damage the glass underneath. Here at Brower, we can help you not only fix existing damage, but stop future damage, saving you money both in replacement costs and any potentially lost business. Call us today about glass restoration!

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