High-End Residential Tinting at Kerry Park Townhomes

We just completed a job at one of the Kerry Park townhomes on Queen Anne—take a look at these pictures of our work!

IMG_0329 IMG_0332

The locally-famous Kerry Park Court townhomes, which replaced the historic J.C. Black House, were completed last year. Each 2,668 sq. ft home takes advantage of the unparalleled views offered in Kerry Park with wall-wide windows, and a rooftop deck and patio. These kind of residences are breathtaking from inside, and eye-catching from the street, but definitely require a lot of window film! You don’t want your furnishings, art, or wood floors to fade, and with that much window area, you need to be able to moderate the heat coming in on these hot summer days. Window film also reduces the glare from the sun in this windowed Kerry Park home.

Two of the three Kerry Park Court townhomes are still on the market, and getting a lot of press! We found the homes mentioned several times on the real estate blog Curbed, once with a great photoset inside the homes and another time praising the million-dollar views.

Window film is important for all residences, and indispensable for high-end homes that get a lot of sunlight, have many large windows, and contain a lot of expensive decor. Call us at Brower Tinting and Graphics to talk about tinting your home!

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