Houseboat Owners: You Need Protective Window Film!

One of the many things that makes the Puget Sound area so wonderful are the hundreds of people who live at least part of the year on houseboats in and around the sound! Even Tom Hank’s character in Sleepless in Seattle lived in a houseboat on Lake Union, but many houseboat owners don’t realize their floating abodes are harming them and their furniture.

Harmful UV rays and visible light can lead to fading in your flooring, carpeting, paint, furniture, and artwork. Anyone who has spent time out on the water knows that light refraction off the water can make your boat feel like a magnifying glass, so taking extra steps to reduce UV, heat, and visible light is very important. Every solar window film we carry helps keep good light coming in and harmful rays out, leaving your houseboat bright and happy without the fear of damage.

Adding a layer of window film also acts as a heat reducer, which can keep temperatures down on the inside of your boat and save you money on your energy costs. So whether you’ve got a luxury houseboat or a one-bedroom seasonal floating bungalow, you owe it to yourself, your guests, and your belongings to invest in a layer of window film on all your glass surfaces.


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