Household Items MOST In Danger of Fading

Most home-owners have experienced the grief of fading. When you pull a couch off your cherished heirloom Persian rug for the first time in years, and notice the stark line of color change caused by those harmful UV rays, you might blame yourself for letting it happen, and you might swear to take more precautions in the future. One unfortunate truth about fading is that there’s no way to reverse it, so if your furniture represents a deep emotional or financial investment, you need to take steps to protect it before it’s too late.


Different kinds of fabrics and materials fade at different rates. If you’re buying new material, an upholstery shop can help walk you through what choices are best, and there are many fade-resistant fabrics available. You can look at upholstering with an indoor-outdoor fabric like the Sunbrella brand—outdoor fabrics have come a long way, and can be as soft and beautiful as any specific for indoor use, but treated with chemicals that resist both fading and staining.


The most susceptible kinds of fabrics to fading are natural fibers, and the fastest-fading dyes are also natural. If you get a sofa upholstered with acrylic fiber and dyed with an artificial solution, it’ll last a long time. Unfortunately, most of the nicest high-end items are made with natural fibers and materials. Leather can be treated regularly with a balm, and that will slow down fading, but fabrics like linen or silk are very delicate and vulnerable. Rugs are especially tricky—the finest rugs you can buy are handmade, naturally-dyed, and all-wool, meaning they’re prime candidates for fading. Even worse, portions of rugs are usually hidden by couches or coffee tables, meaning that they won’t even fade uniformly. It’s very common to find what would have been a beautiful antique rug marred by large, harshly-defined dark spots where something was partially covering it for years.


Rotating your furniture and cushions can only go so far. If you own any of these more delicate kinds of items, you should definitely call us about having your windows filmed. 40% of fading is caused by UV light, and window film prevents at least 99% of those incoming UV rays. This protection only increases with any tinting, but even totally clear window film will significantly extend the life of your furniture! Come into Brower to learn more about protecting those wool rugs and silk divans.

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