How the Window Film Installation Process Works

After meeting with one of our window tinting experts to determine the scope of your window film needs, we will schedule your installation with one of our skilled technicians.

For each and every window film installation job, a professional Brower Tinting & Graphics installer will come to your home to complete the job. Although some homeowners attempt to install their own window film, it is not recommended because correct installation requires a lot of skill and experience. When installed properly, your window film should be nearly invisible, without bubbles or distortion. Here is how the window film installation process works:


You don’t have to leave your home or ask any tenants to be away for the day of your window film installation. The installation and film itself do not carry any odors or noxious chemicals, and our technicians are skilled to work with minimal disruption to your routine. To help make the installation process run smoothly, please clear a space of approximately three feet around any applicable windows.


The technician will begin by placing drop cloths on the floor and covering or moving furniture if necessary to clear and protect the area where they will be working. Next, the installer will thoroughly clean the glass by scraping the window with a razor scraper and a simple solution of baby shampoo or dish soap and water, cleanse and wipe down the window frame, and squeegee the window dry.


After the window is prepped for the installation, the window film technician will remove the film’s release liner. This liner protects the factory-applied adhesive that will attach to the window. To apply the film effectively (and to eliminate wrinkles or bubbles), the installing technician will lightly wet the window glass again, immediately apply the film, and squeegee the film into place. Once the film is adhered to the glass, the technician will trim the film to leave a tiny margin (approximately 1/16th of an inch) to allow for glass expansion. Finally, the installing technician will use a professional-grade squeegee to push leftover drops of water out from under the film. After two weeks to 45 days after installation, all remaining moisture should evaporate.


Thirty (30) days after installation, your newly-filmed windows can be cleaned like normal with your usual household cleaning solutions. Squeegees are also acceptable tools for film and window cleaning, but please do not use abrasive products that may scratch the film.

To speak with one of Brower’s tinting and window film experts, or to request a free quote for window film on your home, please contact us.


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