How to Increase Office Privacy with Style

If you work in an office with glass windows overlooking downtown Seattle, you might feel a little on display at all times. Rather than drawing curtains in the conference room or corner office when you want a little privacy, why not add our 3M Film for a stylish, sandblasted look without the price tag?

Why It’s Cheaper

Many offices use techniques like etching, cutting, sandblasting, or otherwise texturing their indoor glass to create opaque designs that help increase privacy while looking sophisticated. However, these applications are expensive and permanent. Hiring a specialty glass smith to treat your glass can cost two to three times as much as applying window film, and it’s irreversible. Our films are easy to apply and achieve the same look without the time or cost.

Why It’s Wonderful

We use 3M Fasara Glass finishes, which are the finest in the industry in terms of material quality and length of life. Check out our gallery for some examples—you’ll see we have dozens of options for beautiful frosted panes in a variety of opacities. We offer a multitude of patterns, textures, and gradients. Do you want a rice paper look, a field of stars, a variety of fine lines, or a geometric look? We have all of that! (And we even offer whiteboard film, if you want to add some creative space to your office!)


Take a look at our Glass Finishes gallery to see what catches your eye. If you need to dress up your front door, increase privacy, or add a little personality to your office, call us at Brower Tint and Graphics! We would love to talk about your options.

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