Improve Energy Efficiency in All-Glass Buildings with Window Film

All-glass buildings are gorgeous and provide amazing views for their occupants. But studies show that they’re largely inefficient by the nature of their design and even the best windows insulate about as well as an inch of wall insulation. This causes significant problems during summer and winter months, as heat passes through glass very quickly. The larger the surface of the glass, the less efficient it’ll be.

Glass buildings aren’t going away, so what are building contractors doing to improve energy efficiency in these monolithic structures?

More often than not, owners of all-glass buildings are looking towards window film for their energy efficiency solutions. Increased strain on HVAC systems can be reduced by applying a layer of 3M Solar Control Plus “Low E” window film on the surface of the glass itself. The energy performance of all-glass buildings has been shown to improve anywhere from 25% to 40%!

Hundreds of BTUs can escape through a single window every day – imagine the number with all-glass buildings! HVAC systems struggle to keep up with the energy loss and cause utility bills to skyrocket. High-performance thermal pane windows only do so much (about a 15-20% improvement compared to standard window glass).

Added benefits of installing a Low-E window film include glare reduction, protection against vandalism or scratches, and improved glass appearance.

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