An Extra Layer of Defense: Improve Your Home Security with Safety Film

The security of your home isn’t something you should be worrying about. Window film goes above and beyond curtains and double pane windows when it comes your home’s security. Whether you recently watched a scary movie or there have been a string of crimes in your neighborhood, anything that makes you consider your home security situation can be a blessing in disguise. Most people wait to think about security issues until after they’ve had a problem, but safety is a case where it’s better to be proactive.  

Security systems may deter some criminals from targeting your house if you have exterior signage. If there are cameras in place, your security system could aid in the prosecution of those who illegally entered or stole from your home. However, security systems won’t inherently prevent a break-in or home invasion from happening.

Safety film, on the other hand, can offer tangible protection against any kind of criminal activity that involves entering your home without permission. Affordable and a one-time expense, safety films can be one of the best options for protecting your home and family.

All the Benefits of Window Film, Plus Added Security

Safety films come in a with a number of options ranging from basic security to strong enough to withstand natural disasters. even lower-grade security films can make a big difference to the overall security of your home.

3M, for example, has a consumer window film that reduces UV infiltration of your home, creates a seal that reduces thermal loss during hot summer months and cold winter days, and prevents the glass from shattering, making your home safer.

The way it works is similar to how anti-shatter glass is used in automobiles functions. If something strikes the glass, from a crowbar to a rock, the glass will break under the film. However, it will not shatter inward, creating a dangerous mess inside and allowing the criminal who broke your window access to your home.

Why Glass Films Can Prevent Crimes

Most burglars are criminals of convenience. This means that they will typically kick in a single door or just smash a window to gain entrance to your home. Having strong doors and windows that don’t shatter can effectively deter all but the most committed of thieves and criminals.

When they try to break the glass on your window or the glass pane on your door and can’t do it, they will probably move on to the next home. With enough effort and time, even your safety-film treated windows will break and allow entry into your home, but chances are your opportunistic criminal won’t wait for that.

You should reinforce your doors as well as installing film. These two points of entry represent the way the vast majority of burglars and home invaders gain access to your residence. Unlike other forms of security, your window film will work whether or not the criminals know it is there. That’s one reason that many businesses rely on safety film as a means of reducing theft and break-ins.

Window Films Is Fast and Cost Effective

Compared with the ongoing expenses of a home monitoring security system, window film is very affordable and a one-time expense. Additionally, for most houses, safety film installation will only take one day, maybe two, with results that last for many years.
Installing safety film can make your home safer from crimes and from extreme weather conditions.  Don’t run the risk of a robbery or home invasion traumatizing or hurting members of your family. Call Brower Tint and Graphics today! We have the experience to help install your window films quickly and effectively.

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