Introducing EnerLogic Low-E Window Film

Did you know that up to 30 percent of your yearly energy costs are lost through your windows? That’s a lot of cash that you’re essentially – excuse the pun – ‘throwing out the window’.

Brower Tinting & Graphics specializes in low-E window film and tinting to reduce heat loss and boost your energy cost savings. We offer Enerlogic® Low-E Window Film to our customers. It is a revolutionary glass insulation technology that saves energy, increases comfort within your home, and saves money by outsmarting sunlight and directing it back to its source.

The Enerlogic® window tinting is leading in the industry for low-emissivity technology, and essentially transforms your windows from their current state into energy efficient windows. The Enerlogic® window film is so effective; it can improve your single-paned windows’ performance to be like that of double-paned windows.

According to their product testing results, Enerlogic® window film adds up to 92 percent more insulating power to your home’s existing windows. Excess heat, solar glare, and ultraviolet radiation are all damaging components that are filtered by the Enerlogic® low-E window film. Through this filtration process, the window film provides significant savings in annual energy costs.

In addition to saving money on annual energy expenditures, the Enerlogic® window film is a fraction of the cost of replacing your single-paned windows with double-paned, more energy efficient windows. It also offers a faster payback than other measures in energy efficiency, like window replacement or new heating and cooling systems – which are also much costlier measures than low-E window film.

“Over the product life of EnerLogic window films, homeowners with single-pane windows may expect to save an average of $3,500 on heating and cooling costs,” according to Enerlogic®.

With energy cost savings, significant protection against solar heat and radiation, reduced glare, and virtually invisible tinting, the Enerlogic® low-E window film is an excellent option for improving your home’s energy efficiency. Contact Brower Tinting and Graphics to learn more, and to schedule an appointment for your free quote.

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