Keep Your Home Warm for Less this Winter

We all know that replacing your windows is a great way to reduce your energy bill and keep in your warm air during the winter, but did you know that adding a layer of 3M Solar Control Plus “Low E” window film can help substantially reduce your heat loss?

Here’s how it works: First off, the basic measure of heat loss is the U value. The measure of the rate at which heat escapes through a window (not air itself – heat!) is expressed in BTUs per square foot, per hour, per degree Fahrenheit. The rate at which heat escapes through the glass is affected by both the physical properties of the material and the difference in temperature on both sides of the glass. A lower U value indicates that fewer BTUs are being lost through the window.

A quarter inch, single pane glass has an average U value of 1.06, meaning that 1.06 BTUs per square foot escape through the glass every hour. Consequently, a window of 10 square feet is losing about 10.6 BTUs per hour. If the inside temperature is 65 degrees and outside it’s 35 degrees, the heat loss is 318 BTUs (10.6 x 30) per hour.

Now multiply this by all the rooms in your house times 24 hours per day. That’s thousands of BTUs per day! The pressure’s on your heater to make up the difference and replace all this lost heat. When the heater’s running, so is the money right out of your wallet. Yikes!

How can Brower Tinting and Graphics help? We offer the perfect solution: 3M Solar Control Plus “Low E” window film! It can reduce heat loss substantially and save you money on your energy bills. New windows alone won’t cut it!

Compared to glass itself, filmed glass can lower the U value of the glass from 1.06 to 0.74 – about a 30% reduction! That’s a pretty significant savings on your energy bills in the winter over the long term.

To prepare your home for the winter months and maximize your energy savings, contact us for an estimate on your window film job!

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