Kerry Park Townhome: Interior Shots

We featured one of the homes we recently completed in a previous blog, showing you how beautiful it looks from the outside. Window film is not only a good way to regulate your home’s energy usage and prevent fading, but it actually adds a curb-side aesthetic appeal that cannot be beat. Check it out:


We recently were able to also get a few interior pictures of our work at the Kerry Park Townhomes. One common myth about window film is that it makes your home dark and reduces visibility. As we noted, the Kerry Park Townhomes have often been praised for their million-dollar views, and no homeowner in their right mind would do anything to distract from or diminish their beautiful panorama of Elliot Bay, the Space Needle, Mount Rainier, and the Seattle skyline.

As you can see in these pictures, our window not only lets in light, but still shows off the view! When the room is darkened, you can truly see the contrast of how much light is let in through the windows, and how crystalline the outdoors looks. You can also be sure that the hardwood floor and furniture are protected from fading, and their plants are clearly thriving! If these homeowners had to draw the curtains every time they wanted to protect themselves from glare, heat, UV rays, or the curious eyes of people on the street, their gorgeous views would be lost.


If you’re hoping to protect both your home and your view, choose residential window tinting! Browder Tinting and Graphics is the best in the Northwest, and we can guarantee you’ll love the way it looks, feels, and works!

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