Life-Saving Applications of Window Film

Not a lot of people consider their windows as a protective element aside from adding a barrier to the outside world, but believe it or not, sometimes your windows can be a danger to you and your family in the event of a disaster. Shattering during earthquakes, explosions, or break-ins can be harmful to occupants of your home or building, but there’s a way to prevent that and actually help protect you from other incidents: window film!

While security or safety film is the best method of preventing shattering glass during violent circumstances, even the most basic layer of window film can keep the surface of the glass together during impact and reduce the amount of flying glass particles inside the room. From earthquakes to tornado-prone areas, safety experts and architects recommend window film as a protective measure in government and administration buildings.

Many building owners or businesses apply a thick, protective layer of window film to not only reduce glare and eyestrain indoors, but also guard against burglary and vandalism that’s common on street-level storefronts. Any protective element you can add to your public-facing building serves as a psychological barrier to discourage unlawful entry or property damage.

In your home, window film has a more passive protective aspect that can safe you from harmful health problems like melanoma, or skin cancer. It’s one of the deadliest forms of cancer but also one of the most common. By filtering out harmful UV rays from entering your home through your windows, solar window film can keep your skin protected and can even prevent the appearance of aging in your skin.

Protect your home or office and the people who occupy it. Contact Brower Tinting and Graphics for more information on the best solution for your location and budget. We have a variety of different types of window film available and our expert team can recommend the ideal product for your needs. Use the inquiry form or call us today!

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