Myths about Window Tinting

1.) Window film bubbles, changes color, and looks terrible

No, it definitely doesn’t! We’ve noticed that a lot of our clients are skeptical about window filming because they’ve seen some nasty self-applications done with poor quality film, or they have in their mind’s eye an image of bad vehicle window film, that’s full of air bubbles and turning purple. Our films use stable dyes and/or permanent layers of metal that won’t degrade, and we’ll put them on right the first time.

2.) It’ll be dark

Not if you don’t want it to! Although you can buy colored film that will reduce sunlight, we also have film that’s totally transparent. Your windows won’t block light or visibility in either direction, but they will block harmful UV rays.

3.) My plants will suffer

Not necessarily—some plants will even do better after window tinting has been installed. Houseplants with dark green color will often thrive because there is increased moisture content in the air. Flowering plants might experience a period of shock, but should bounce back after a few days. If you’re worried, you can always test out a darker environment on your plant by simply moving it away from the window for a couple days and seeing how it fares.

4.) Harder to clean than glass

Not at all! We ask that you don’t clean the window film at all for the first 30 days after installation during the “drying period,” but after that, you can clean your windows with regular soap and water. Harsh treatments like ammonia or vinegar might damage the film, but if you steer clear of those and use only soft cloths, window film is just as easy to clean as before!

5.) Won’t last long

This varies with type of film, window, and environment, but all our films should last for many years, and usually last beyond their warranties. If you care for the tinting properly, and don’t use abrasive cleaning materials, you will probably be surprised at how many years of life you get out of your tinting—your only regret will be that you didn’t do it sooner!

7.) It’s easy to do on my own

It might be  “easy to do you on your own,” but not if you care if it’s done right! Correct installation that both looks and works the best requires a professional’s experience, and you should definitely call us at Brower Tinting & Graphics if you’re considering installing film. If you’re worried about it being too expensive, just think about how expensive it might be to replace all your windows after you’ve incorrectly applied some sub-standard film, or how a Bower tinting application will increase the value of your home and extend the life of your fabrics.

If you have any other niggling doubts about window film, call us at Brower Tinting & Graphics! We’d love to answer your questions.

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