How to Prevent Birds from Flying into Your Windows

Homeowners with large picture windows know the sound of the loud “thump” and the accompanying dead bird that’s bound to be outside. It’s a sad and unfortunate happenstance, but believe it or not, there are ways to prevent birds from flying into your windows and cutting short their flights.

Sunshades or Awnings

If the window in question gets a lot of sunlight, you may want to consider adding a heavy sunshade to keep the heat down inside your home. The added benefit of this is glare reduction and an extra barrier above the window itself, meaning a descending bird may change course rather than try to fly through the glass.

Relocate Your Bird Feeders

The location of your bird feeders and baths has a lot to do with the flight paths of birds. The further they are away from your windows, the greater the chances that a flying a bird will be at top speed if it happens to hit your window. Moving them closer to your glass not only slows them down, but also offers you a better view of the creatures at work. Good news for everyone!

Install Window Film

One-sided or deeply tinted window films can help prevent window collisions. By reducing the glare and reflective nature of the windows, the chances that the bird will realize your window isn’t a satisfactory flight path will improve.

Of course, there are more benefits of installing window film. Preventing furniture fading, reducing harmful UV light, and saving you money on your energy bills are all possible with the proper window film and installation procedures.

To find a window film that works best for your needs, visit this page or contact Brower Tinting and Graphics. We can walk you through the process and inform you of all the benefits of a complete window film installation. Call us today!

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