Window Film Basics: Privacy

Facts about Privacy

Heat Loss ReductionThe “one-way” effect does not work the same way at night. Visibility out of the window is blocked at night because the inside of the glass is now lit brighter than the outside. So basically what this means is that with a reflective film, the brighter side of the glass will appear reflective.

There is no window film product available that will provide one-way visibility in the same direction at all times!

Until we can get around the Laws of Physics, no window film or glass will be able to achieve the one-way effect at all times.

Alternatives to Mirror Films

Another effective way to achieve privacy is to frost the window or make it appear opaque using a variety of films ranging from simple frosted films to colored vinyl. This can provide complete privacy day or night with one of the only drawbacks being that there will be limited or no visibility through your window.

Heat Loss ReductionWe typically cover the window from edge to edge but adding a small gap or “reveal” around the edges of the film can add a little elegance or style to your privacy film as well. We can also create much more detailed designs to suit your needs. If you’d like to see some other examples of what we’ve done for some of our customers feel free to look at our Graphics Gallery.