Why Professional Window Film Installation is Best

As with many home projects, applying window film may seem like an appealing Saturday afternoon DIY project. But incorrect window film installation may lead to significant issues in the future – it’s not like building your own shelves or waxing the floor. Here are some reasons to rely on a professional installer:


Chances are, unless you’re a film installer yourself, you’re not nearly as skilled and practiced at placing film on a window. Our technicians have worked on film installations of all shapes and sizes and know how each of our window films would be best for your project.


To properly install the window film and ensure there is no bubbling or distortion, we use specialized squeegees and razor scrapers to remove all dirt and grime from your windows before application. After the film is placed, our professional grade squeegees get all remaining moisture out from under the film and let it evaporate.


Brower Tinting and Graphics has been in business since 1966 and serves the entire Seattle area and Puget Sound region. We’re dedicated to our craft and bring our experience and expertise to every one of our projects, large and small. We’ve built a reputation as the best window film installer in the Pacific Northwest and continue to build relationships with our partners and clients.


Our window films come with a 10-year warranty for commercial buildings and a limited lifetime warranty for your home. Our 3M films also warrant against glass failure due to thermal shock fracture (60 months) or seal failure (40 months). 3M strongly recommends that the film be professionally installed to maximize the benefits of your 3M film and the comfort of the 3M warranty.

To discuss our process or to learn how we can cater to your window film project, contact us!

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