Pros and Cons of Commercial Security Window Film

As with any product, commercial safety and security window film are really good at doing some things and don’t perform well in other situations. We thought we’d explain a few things about the capabilities of our window film and what you can expect from it.


Security window film is a great option for people who want to add an extra layer of protection to their homes or businesses. Security window film can slow down intruders because they prevent the glass itself from breaking. Vandals may not be able to break through the glass at all or without multiple attempts. In addition, if the property has been scoped out by the burglar and they encounter initial difficulty upon entry, they may be deterred from continuing their break-in attempt. The chances that the glass will not break at all are increased when combined with a solid security door or window frame.

Security films are stronger and thicker than safety films, typically 4 mil to 10 mil in thickness. Security film is capable of protecting against impacts and explosions to a certain degree, improving survivability in a catastrophic event.

Safety films are designed to keep the glass itself together when broken. These are key for events like earthquakes in which you want to limit shattering or vandalism. In addition, adding a layer of safety film can guard against scratches, cracks, graffiti, and other forms or vandalism and is much less costly than replacing the glass itself.


Though security films are designed to negate the level of damage during disasters or burglaries, they’re not a guarantee of absolute security. A determined burglar will find a way to get in and a bomb that’s large enough or close enough will do damage. The odds of negating damage from both are greatly enhanced with a thick, strong layer of security film.

Our solar films actually do protect against window breakage because of their nature – you’re basically gluing a layer of plastic on the glass, keeping it held together. They’re not considered safety glass, but they do more than standard glass alone.

The bottom line is the thicker the window glass, the better the chances it’ll prevent severe damage. To determine which type and thickness of window film is right for your home or business, contact us today!

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